Malabar Medical College, Modakkallur, Atholi, Calicut
Admission Started for the academic year 2018-19...!!! Admission Started for the academic year 2018-19...!!! Admission Started for the academic year 2018-19...!!!


Blood Bank

We have blood bank services for our patients. Our blood bank services are highly trusted and high quality. We assuring the supply of safe and quality blood to our patients. Our blood bank unit adopts new technologies and modern equipments. Our hospital already has a group of blood donors who is willing to donate their blood. We have all high-end equipments required for blood collection, donation and transfusion procedures. Our aim is to provide the safest possible specific blood and blood components within the shortest possible time to the patients.


Our hospital laboratory is very well-equipped, modern labs for Clinical Pathology, Haematology, Biochemistry and Microbiology. Samples processed in our medical facility lab include urine, blood, plasma, serum and tissue. Technicians are trained to operate and maintain the instruments; depending on throughput, there could be multiple shifts. This in turn contributes significantly to efficient patient management. Labs are equipped with some of the latest fully computerized state of the art equipments which ensure accuracy and dependability of the investigations done.


Our hospital owns a team of skilled- nursing staffs. They take care of our patients and provide them a comfortable transition between their hospital stay and home. We offer at-home comfort and care with advanced medical services. Special care beds in nursing facilities have expanded rapidly in recent years for patients. Our nursing facilities are very well and our staffs are well trained, having good knowledge about caring and also major part of them has a great experience in this field. So, we assure your satisfaction with our nurses’ caring.

Medical Nutrition

Nutritional care is fundamental for all patients. In modern life, over-nutrition is one of the most important factors to predispose people to the life-style related diseases. We provide individualized nutritional care through assessment of the individual patients’ nutritional state and disease condition. Nutritional needs of patients must be met in accordance with recognized dietary practices and in agreement with orders of the practitioner responsible for the care of the patient. So, our food and nutrition service team play an important role in your life.

Quality Assurance

Our hospital has a team for quality assurance to improve the quality of care for their patients. This can be achieved by preventing any complications that are due to human error. Also by taking care of every patient and focus on each patient needs in a cost effective manner. They check each department facilities to ensure whether the patient get all that in a good way. And our hospital is taken care of the quality of service which they provided to the customers.

Malabar Medical College, Modakkallur, Atholi, Calicut