Malabar Medical College Hospital and Research Center, Ulliyeri, Kozhikode


Diet plays a vital role in the treatment of patient’s proper diet is the key of good health any vigor inadequate and improper diet are not only responsible for under nutrition but also contribute to several chronic degeneration diseases such as cardiovascular disease diabetes and cancer.

The clinical nutrition and dietetics department which consist of dietitian got a role in the dietitian making system for patients care. Dietitian not only a cater to the patient’s food requirement but also they are responsible for the planning prescribing and counseling patient’s about their diet according their diseased condition.


  • To maintain good nutritional status of all patients
  • To educate patients about how diet plays a major role in the treatment of various disease
  • To modify the daily diet pattern of their requirement during various diseased conditions
  • To correct deficiencies especially in patients with prolonged hospital stay like cancer patients are critical care unit patients

  • Diet therapy in the most instances is not a remedy in itself but is a measure which supplements makes the medical or surgical treatment more effective.


The clinical nutrition and dietetics department perform three major activities that are

  • In Patient Dietary Service
  • Critical Care Service
  • Out Patient Service


  • All in patients are screened for nutritional risk by qualified dietitian based on metabolic anthropometric and biochemical data and provide nutritional care.
  • Individualized nutritional care is provided to all in patient with a dietitian attending to each one of them.
  • To patients are offered a wide choice of food items based on the nutritional requirement. all efforts would be made to provide special meals catering to patients in accordance with their condition.

Educational material will be provided nutritional assistance /diet counseling will be given for the following medical conditions.

  • Metabolic disorder like diabetes mellitus
  • Cancer
  • Gastro intestinal disorder
  • Kidney disorder
  • Women and child health
  • Eating disorder and neuro
  • Weight management
  • Enteral nutrition


The critical care dietitian will assess and provide nutritional input to all patients admitted in critical care units and review these patients on a regular basic on obtain better out come and speedy recovery continuous ryles tube feeding is initiated for critical care patients on Enteral nutrition under supervision of the dietitian.


• From Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm

Every individual needs to plan a diet to suit their life style and society health condition to load a healthy life if a diet plan has been made so far please feel free to contact our dietitian at the diet clinic.

dietitian in this clinic not only plan diet specific for your needs but well also educate on healthy eating habits and life style modification information on safe dietary practice will also be provided.

The department of clinical nutrition and dietetics at the hospital provides counseling who either at the referred by the doctors or those who volunteer to referred by the dietitian .the dietitian acquire the history to each of the patient before charting out a diet plan.

Malabar Medical College Hospital and Research Center, Ulliyeri, Kozhikode